Construction Workers Spot Trash On Ground, Then Realize It’s A Snake Stuck In Duct Tape

Submitted by on Jun 16, 2017

Dominick Sparacino and a friend came to a kingsnake’s rescue on March 25, 2017.

Dominick was working on building a house when he saw trash on the ground, he quickly realized that a wad of duct tape was actually a snake caught in the sticky item.

“Like most construction sites, it is common to have trash on the ground,” Dominick says in the video’s description. “My guess is he slithered over the tape, panicked, and got tangled.”

Himself and another worker filmed a time-lapse video of their attempt to free the snake. They used pliers, scissors, and their hands to carefully cut the duct tape off of the snake’s body while trying not to get bit.

While Dominick mentions kingsnakes are harmless to humans, he, like many other people, is not a huge fan of the critter.

Thankfully for the snake’s sake, he put his fear aside and worked hard to clear all of the tape from the snake’s body with the help of a friend. The task wasn’t a quick one either. It took the two construction workers a little over seven minutes to completely free him.

After they get the last piece off, she slithers on her way into the grass, no doubt thankful for the two men.

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