Officer Tells Partner Wife Is Pregnant With Baby Boy, But Doesn’t Expect Him To Say ‘So Are We’

Submitted by on May 19, 2017

Officers Alex Wall and Evan Friedrichs have been friends for as many years as they have been partners. Sarah Friedrichs, Evan’s wife, was also in the force, and even went through training with her husband’s partner.

Suffice to say, the officers and their families are very close.

But now, they have another reason to strengthen their bond: in a happy coincidence, fate determined that both officers’ wives got pregnant around the same time with baby boys, and also have the same due date!

Officer Wall was excited to share the news that his wife was pregnant with his partner, but had no idea Evan would say “so are we” in response!

Both wives are due June 14th.

The surprises didn’t end there for the cops and their families: the Wood Valley Neighborhood Watch Committee through them a surprise baby shower to show them love and thanks!

Officer Wall told WIBW about the baby shower, “As an officer you truly start caring for those that you serve and at times you find that they start to care for you, and this is just a beautiful example of that.”

A pregnancy is great news to share, but it’s much sweeter when you’re sharing it with people you love and care about!

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